It was a fierce performance Det Olske served for us. The fundamental injustice that applies between the nations of the world was kept right under our noses – no way to escape. The injustice coupled with the entertainment hunt in the fundraising show was almost nauseating. ‘Who is it that knocks’ forces me as an audience to reflect on some of the constructions we have created (and of course live with): nations, price formation, debt, unequal opportunities / worth as a human being … This calls into question the privileges I and most Danes were born into. Here at Stevns, where the first performance for the audience was played, the ensemble did NOT come on stage, in connection. the applause at the end of the performance. It gave an unresolved mood that I do not think served the purpose of the show. (I understand that this has now changed). Thank you for the Olske Orchestra’s insistence on reminding us of unpleasant parts of our living conditions, which must be included in the necessary solutions to the global crises that are looming over us.