“Salt” was – like “Sugar” – an experience of the good, and I will look forward to the last in the trilogy: “Who is it that knocks”. Gymnastics is demanding, but can do something special. The actors can not fall into routine. It’s strong, it’s alive, and it’s close to us. The scenography will have to be different and very creative, and “Det Olske Orkester” masters it all. This time, as an old theater person, I was deeply fascinated by the strength of the actors, and the ingenuity of the instruction. A little thing as blown illustrated simply by flapping your costume. Brilliant. The topics are historical, but relevant to us today because it has something to do with our self-understanding. But human fragility and emotion are with us all the time. And the production of them is concentrated, it has to be achieved in a few scenes, but it succeeds. I do not want to say anything negative, only that the articulation failed a bit here and there so a few lines were lost, and that’s a shame .. All in all it was: Theater, when it – in my opinion – is the very best.