A secret performance between sunset and sunrise

We leave at sunset. Into the Twilight to find a man in a secret place not otherwise trodden by ordinary mortals.

Here we hear the story of the boy who grows up in a lonely home with a mentally ill father. To survive, the boy develops the ability to isolate his soul from his body. One day he sets fire to his soul and flees from his childhood wand – without looking back.
He consumes alcohol and people in large quantities, sells everything from counterfeit branded goods in Jutland to fictitious wind turbines in Sydney – without finding a foothold in life. One day he meets a woman at Heathrow airport and feels love for the first time. His soul awakens and begins to look for him.

We follow the abandoned soul, which in order to find its human being must once again enter the Twilight – a parallel world which reflects our reality, but which lies in a constant dark haze without faith or spirit.

Here we walk, in ravaged natural areas, through abandoned houses and dilapidated buildings, like a long sensuous journey into the underworld, to rediscover man and the belief in love….

The Olske Orchestra

Øyvind Kirchhoff
Bo Stendell Larsen

Jens Bäckvall, Christian Rossil

Jakob Schlanbusch

Manuscript and instruction
Lotte Faarup

Sound design
Jonas Jørgensen

Lighting design
Mogens Kjempff

Production management
Nils Engelbrecht

Performance manager
Peter Kapabel

Camilla Lind

Helle Lyshøj

Charlotte Rindom

Karen Toftegaard ApS

Playing period 28.5.-12.6. 2016

Playing times
Saturday d. 28. 5. kl. 21.37 – 04.36
Sunday d. 29.5. at 21. 39 – 04.35
Tuesday d. 31. 5. kl. 21.41 – 04.33
Wednesday d. 1. 6. kl. 21.43 – 04.32
Thursday d. 2. 6. kl. 21.44 – 04.31
Friday d. 3. 6. kl. 21.45 – 04.30
Saturday d. 4. 6. kl. 21.46 – 04.30
Sunday d. 5. 6 p.m. 21.47 – 04.29
Tuesday d. 7. 6. kl. 21.50 – 04.27
Wednesday d. 8. 6. kl. 21.51 – 04.27
Thursday d. 9. 6. kl. 21.51 – 04.26
Friday d. 10. 6. kl. 21.52 – 04.26
Saturday d. 11. 6. kl. 21.53 – 04.26
Sunday d. 12. 6. kl. 21.54 – 04.25

Ticket prices
Single sale 125 kr.
Young people under 25 years – DKK 55.
Group of adults (min. 10) – DKK 85.
Group of young people under 25 years (min. 6) – NOK 40.
All prices + DKK 10 in fee

Ticket booking

Meeting place and terminus
Flintholm Station
the entrance v. Grøndals Parkvej,
at the bus stop

Duration 7 hours

Age group
The show is dedicated to everyone from 14 years and up

practical information
We recommend that the audience wear warm and windproof clothing as well as good footwear.
The performance is not suitable for people with walking difficulties.
In the middle of the route, a meal is served and there is time to rest.
At Flintholm station, the metro runs around the clock; S-train lines C and F and bus lines 9A, 10, 13, 21 22, 34 and 142 run according to timetable.

It is intended that the performance should be able to be moved to other locations, on tour.