The contactless relationship

-an acid version of HC Andersen ‘s Nightingale

We have got used to it. Relationships without physical contact. Without bodily consequence. We stare into a glowing screen and say we are in contact with other people. We are interrupted every other moment by tones and flashing lights, which give us a feeling of being connected to other people all the time. At the same time, our necks grow in a forward-bent direction, our fingertips wear against the plastic buttons and our eyes are sent flickering around in a sea of light of information. Over time, we are convinced that this condition is normal.

But the degeneration is underway. Algorithms clone our searches and connect us to our own interests indefinitely – what we encounter on screen is not contact with others, it is an ever cheaper version of ourselves.

The contactless relationship is about a lonely man , surrounded by digital devices, who is disturbed by another living human being and can not stand it. Her laughter behind the wall gets on his nerves. Her crying makes him anxious. He hides in bed with pillows for his ears, but suddenly he smokes down through a large black hole to a completely different world, without living creatures, inhabited only by a human-sized robot.

Here he gets the chance to design his own happy life without distractions. Here he avoids showing moral care or common human consideration. The robot does what he says. It’s almost too good…

Inspired by HC Andersen’s Nightingale and associations to Hitchcock’s Psyco character Norman Bates and Japanese social dating with robots , this nonverbal acid comedy is created in physical savagery and puppet theater symbolism by mime and performer Øyvind Kirchhoff and dancer and choreographer Katrien van der Velden. Objects, puppets and scenography are created by Rolf Søborg Hansen, light designed by Jeppe Lawaetz and directed by Lotte Faarup.

The Olske Orkester wants to focus on the digitalisation of the modern world and the human alienation that can follow in its wake. We want to state this with the trilogy “Survival in recent times”. The first part was the solo performance “The automotive man” produced in the spring of 2021, in the spring of 2022 follows “The contactless relationship” and finally we conclude in 2023 with “The remote-controlled family”.


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Quotes from reviews

It’s theater at its very best. That’s exactly what the small theaters can do – have fun and entertain us with very current and thought-provoking questions.


“I’m entertained from start to finish.”


Katrien van der Velden is a crazy performer. In her role as the petrified and remote-controlled woman, she demonstrates and challenges both what the body can and what it is able to express. I still sit back doubting if she really is human or if it is electricity running through her veins.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘Nightingale’, the Olske Orkester has committed a fine and analogously astute narrative about man and machine in the age of digitalisation. It is different puppet theater for adults and large children.

Everything goes up in a stage art quite beautiful association in Lotte Faarup’s clear instruction, where both performers, light and sound manage to make a big impression with small means. ”

Michael Svennevig blog

“Great theater art, simply.”

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The Olske Orchestra

Øyvind Kirchhoff
Katrien van der Velden

Playwright and director
Lotte Faarup

Scenography and puppets
Rolf Søborg Hansen

Lighting design
Jeppe Lawaetz

Workshop and special effects
Jon Gelting

Sound design
Jonas Jørgensen

Production manager and engineering
Søren Kyed




Installation time
4 hours

Dismantling time
2 hours

4.4. – 30.6. 2022
Sæson  22/23

22.000 kr. aftenforestillinger

14.000 kr. skoleforestillinger

ca. 70 minutter

12 år +

Spillelokalets mål ekskl. publikum
Min. 9 m bredt, 6 m langt og 3,5 m fri loftshøjde. Spillelokalet skal kunne mørklægges

380 V, 3 X 16 A, samt stik m. 220 V