Teatret Det Olske Orkester was founded in May 2008 by director Lotte Faarup and actress Øyvind Kirchhoff.

It is the intention of the Olske Orchestra to create theatrical performances within a sharp and experimental theatrical form that includes the strong story, the physical language, the visual expression and the musical element. We want to work with children’s, youth and adult theater.

At the founding of the theater, the following manifesto was written:


Into the art
For us, art has to do with a combination of deeply serious craftsmanship and great spiritual generosity. Crafts are about practice, lifelong practice, many stubborn repetitions; to keep seeking out that which is not yet mastered with the absolutely sublime result as the focus.
Soul generosity is about the individual artist’s ability to make his or her interior available for the artistic process – both in relation to himself or herself and in the encounter with others.
When it succeeds in uniting these two, the way is paved to dig right into the moment, the state, the NOW that art is about and that we all basically long to experience.

Out in the experiment
Art needs experimentation to be able to move. When we set out to investigate something, the artistic process is forced to go somewhere other than where only rational thinking determines. A real attempt prevents the predictable and prejudiced solution because we put ourselves in an unknown situation. To navigate there, we are forced to be open, curious and humble about the task and it will – if we have otherwise invested both craft and soul – inevitably make us move artistically.