The Olske Orchestra presents North Jutland’s SALT

A project focusing on children and young people – their identity and their relationship to culture and art – supported by the North Jutland Region and the Spar Nord Foundation.

North Jutland’s SALT is about people, especially young people. Through performing arts, we will connect performers, organizers, educational institutions and cultural actors in a network that creates contact between young people and art and its tools: To create desire and knowledge about performance, reflection and inspiration for their career opportunities in art and in other industries through the use of the creative and communicative tools of art.

Based on a performing arts performance, young people work both practically and intellectually with the theme of identity; individual identity, local cultural identity, national identity and global identity.

We are based on a local event from Harboøre and we are inspired by the local author Hans Kirk’s novel Fiskerne . This local starting point is expressed in the larger themes of identity.

A collaboration between Aalborg Theater, Det Olske Orkester, 5 theater associations in the region; Thisted Teaterkreds, Vesthimmerlands Teaterforening, Morsø Teaterkreds / Limfjordsteatret, Lemvig Teaterkreds, Teaterkredsen Mariagerfjord, Aalborg Universitet, Aarhus Universitet, Kbh. University, Zeppelin Theater as well as schools, libraries, test paths and more. in the municipalities and in the region.

Press release Nordjyllands SALT

The young people’s reflections on workshops:

It was really cool. Get in behind, try new exercises, get new expression through the body.

Exciting process. Different!

I want to work with communication and open body language.

You can use it for presentations in many contexts and in many jobs. One can use it to improve dissemination.

Press quotes and audience opinions


A perfect expression

An impressionistic staged and thoroughly produced performance… Lotte Faarup has staged the performance in an elegant mix of game scenes and stage images…


… A formidable performance… Watch the captivating play performed by six excellent actors.

Hanne Mark Pedersen, Kulturkongen


The scenography is fantastic, it is simple, inspiring and full of visual effects…

Kira Sawman Andersen, King of Culture

… It is truly a long way to the “Badehotellet”!

Otto Prezmann – Nordjydske

Director Lotte Faarup has a sense of beautiful tableaux and has a sure grip on the show’s buzz of contemporary impressionism… ‘Salt’ is the closest you get to a total theater show for the big students.

Eva-Marie Møller – Folkeskolen


A fantastic piece where you can feel that they have really gotten to know what life was like on the West Coast.
Lærke Rønn Nielsen, audience on Ålborg Teater’s webpage, March 2019


A sensual and thoroughly enriching and thought-provoking performance. Many thanks for the effort.

Anne, the audience on Ålborg Teater’s webpage, March 2019


Lovely experience, super talented people, we are related to people from the rugged west coast…

Birthe Flyvholm, the audience on Ålborg Teater’s webpage, March 2019


Touching, gripping and great performance.

Anne-Dorte Krog, audience on Ålborg Teater’s webpage, March 2019


Lovely nuanced presentation of cultural meeting east / west.

Lars Peter Nitschke, the audience on Ålborg Teater’s webpage, March 2019


It is impressive how many themes the play touches… All this is due in particular to a skilled lyricist, a visionary director and some dedicated and charismatic actors.

Karen Magrethe Eriksen, chairman of Vesthimmerlands Teaterforening

Experimental, total, gripping, dramatic, surprising. Love that kind of theater. Salt is a total experience ..

Herbert Fischer, the audience on Ålborg Teater’s webpage, March 2019

Use of space, a structure and resolution that was almost spellbinding. At the same time a sharp insight into a national narrative that says a lot about the present.
Kamilla K, tour autumn 2019

A sensual and thoroughly enriching and thought-provoking performance. Many thanks for the effort.
Anne, tour autumn 2019

“Salt” was – like “Sugar” – an experience of the good, and I will look forward to the last in the trilogy: “Who is it that knocks”. Gymnastics is demanding, but can do something special. The actors can not fall into routine. It’s strong, it’s alive, and it’s close to us. The scenography will have to be different and very creative, and “Det Olske Orkester” masters it all. This time, as an old theater person, I was deeply fascinated by the strength of the actors, and the ingenuity of the instruction. A little thing as blown illustrated simply by flapping your costume. Brilliant. The topics are historical, but relevant to us today because it has something to do with our self-understanding. But human fragility and emotion are with us all the time. And the production of them is concentrated, it has to be achieved in a few scenes, but it succeeds. I do not want to say anything negative, only that the articulation failed a bit here and there so a few lines were lost, and that’s a shame .. All in all it was: Theater, when it – in my opinion – is the very best.
Ulla de Frey, tour autumn 2019

An excellent performance as dd (15.11.2019) has suddenly gained renewed relevance after the events of the last few days in connection with e.g. The National Crystal Night and the lurking aversion to everything “foreign” that we have experienced in Denmark in recent decades. Two scenes in particular I think hit: the pastor’s “punitive speech” to the congregation and the scene where little Karen stood in the cremation and shouted at her father. I found the setup as a whole elegant. Good acting performance throughout the ensemble.
Torben Leth-Nisssen, tour autumn 2019