Forestilling SALT

Et fantastisk stykke, hvor man kan mærke at de virkelig har sat sig ind i, hvordan livet var ved Vestkysten. De få rekvisitter blev brugt fantastisk!
Det er skønt at se noget, af den historie som jeg er vokset op med fra Harboøre, blive udformet til et stykke, hvor andre kan lære noget af den
kulturarv som gemmer sig ved vestkysten!
Lærke Rønn Nielsen

25. March 2019


A theatrical performance about poverty and freedom

In 1893, 26 fishermen from Harboøre drowned during a storm.
During the funeral, the inner-mission priest Carl Moe in his funeral speech condemns several of the drowned who were not believers, which triggers great indignation in many circles. Among others, the young Grundtvigian Morten Rask from the Social Democrats is very upset. He now undertakes, as his life’s work, to depose Carl Moe from his ministry and free the inner-mission city from the oppression he believes it lives under.
He travels to Harboøre, but does not meet the enemy in the form of individuals, but a strong solidarity collective. It makes his mission more difficult. Every time he seeks contact with a single human being, hoping to hear a realization of submission in the inner missionary community, he is rejected.
But one day he meets the child Ida, whose drowned father was one of the condemned and who Ida is fully convinced of, now lives in hell. With the innocent child at the helm, Morten Rask is now fighting a battle that is both about rescuing the inner-mission fishermen from a community they do not want to leave, but also a battle about calling a drowned father back to his daughter to say goodbye.

The story in SALT is inspired by historical events and by Hans Kirk’s novel The Fishermen and is the second part of the Olske Orchestra’s trilogy “A nation’s self-hatred – Denmark between shame and self-esteem”, which deals with Danes’ self-understanding over the past 300 years and how it has shaped our relationship with the outside world.
SALT is set in a dramatic story in a poetic and physically expressive idiom performed by a company of 6 actors and dancers. Light projections of floating oceans and westerly winds, cracked voices in hymn singing, the density and warmth of the collective fill the space and not least the contradictions between the lonely doubt and the collective fundamentalism.

After the performance SUGAR with its slave adventure in distant continents during the flourishing period in the 1700s, we close ourselves with Salt inside the national borders after the loss of the greatness of the empire and focus on the notion of faith, freedom and budding nationalism.

The theater ensemble Det Olske Orkester is known for its experimental, physical theater performances and has won several awards, including a Reumert for the performance “Then We Went Away” in 2013.



Aalborg Theater

Game dates:
March 18 – 30, 2019

Playing times:
Mon – Fri 19:30 – Sat 16:00

Mon – Sat DKK 200

Mon – Sat 80 kr.

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Tour period:

24.10. – 31.10. and 11.11. – 31.11.

From 12 years

Concept: The Olske Orchestra

Cast: Ditte Laumann, Mireia Serra, Angelina Watson, Sofie Ebbesen Nielsen, Morten Klode, Øyvind Kirchhoff

Voice over: Bo Stendell Larsen

Playwright and director: Lotte Faarup

Lighting designer and set designer : Jeppe Lawaetz

Costume designer and props: Signe Beckmann
Trainee costumes : Silje Shearman Poulsen

Sound: Jonas Jørgensen

Tour leader and Technician: Søren Kyed
Workshop : Jon Gelting
Communication employee: Lærke Mejlgaard

Project management: Charlotte Rindom


The work is supported by: Statens Kunstfonds project support committee for Performing Arts, Bikubenfonden, Region Nordjylland, Spar Nord Fonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Knud Højgaard Fonden, Supreme Court Attorney L. Zeuthens Memorial Scholarship.

North Jutland Salt

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DKK 27,000 / max 100 spectators

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DKK 15,000 / max 100 spectators

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About 90 minutes


The venue’s goals incl. Audience:

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11 m wide, 16 m long and 4 m free ceiling height (in 8 m width)