– a grim and disrespectful puppet theater comedy based on real medieval events!

‘The fox goes out there’ is a family show about the fox, who always tricks the other animals and exhibits their hypocritical behavior.

In the Middle Ages, the fables developed into a covert social critique of the ruling classes and ridicule of the clergy. But the fox is not necessarily anyone

for that very reason. He is cunning, evil and full of raw hunger. He plays the weak against each other, he is overwhelmed by the power to take part in it himself and does not have empathy for the

animals, he kills half and completely. Only towards his own family does he totally change character and suddenly become vulnerable and full of loving care. This paradox, this

interesting and yet so incorrect figure, meet in our dramatization with a motley assembly of other animals. None of these can trump the fox; he seduces them,

exhibits their flaws and reveals their blackest sides. It is a political and absurd comedy with a charming and nice flabby main character, of course – but also a character

with a dual nature that exhibits our social dynamics and hypocritical behavior. The law of the jungle prevails in the big political game as well as in the schoolyard, and one must

be cunning like a fox to survive.


“‘The fox goes out there’ is a socially critical puppet theater comedy with a strong text, beautiful animal puppets, glorious circus jazz and acting in verbally high-tension trot. Animals that are fascinatingly designed by Rolf Søborg Hansen and that are played beyond the stage edge with great bodily energy .. It shows growth, under-
holding and with just such directness and brutality as the narrative lends itself to. In a fine way, the text has something universal and very contemporary about it. ”
Kirsten Dahl,

A surprisingly bloody story about the cunning fox who tricks all the other animals over and over again… ..a brutal adventure… ..that luckily is fun too. Michael Søby, Cph Culture

Teatret Værk and the Olske Orchestra

Cast : Annemarie Jeppesen, Bjarne Kalhøj, Øyvind Kirchhoff

Playwright / Director: Lotte Faarup

Scenography / puppets : Rolf Søborg Hansen

Music: Torben Snekkestad

Lighting design: Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm

Costume designer: Camilla Lind

Technique: James Kjølsen

Workshop : Jon Gelting

PR: Jon Auring Grimm

PR assistant : Lærke Mejlgaard

Project management : Charlotte Rindom

Video: Helle Lyshøj

Co. production with theater Zebu

The performance is supported by:

The Danish Arts Council’s Project Support Committee for Performing Arts
The Danish Arts Council’s Project Support Committee for Music

Copenhagen Municipality’s Performing Arts Committee,

The Association of Danish Stage Instructors

The performances have been carried out with support from the Frederiksberg Foundation

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Press release

Price for evening performances
20,000 kr.
The performance is under the Guarantee Scheme

Price for school performances
12,000 kr / max. 80 spectators

Tour period November 2020

Duration approx . 75 minutes

The venue’s goals incl. audience
Mine. 9.5 m wide (preferably 10 m), 18 m long and 4 m free ceiling height
It must be possible to darken the room

380 V, 3 X 16 A, and plug w. 220 V