Spiller på Forsøgsstationen i København fra den 9-21 november 2020


by the Olske Orchestra

It is night. A woman is lying asleep in her bed. Suddenly she wakes up and sees to her amazement that there are strangers sitting around her. And looking at her. They look like people who have gone to the theater. Now there is a knock on the door. In comes a man with a cable, which he begins to roll out. He says a Denmark fundraising show will be held. Now more people are coming: a quiz master, a dance group, an audience warmer, technicians with cars and chips and sports equipment and cakes. They say these are prizes for the big Danish history quiz. Large screens are lit with pictures of sad children and weak women from distant lands. Light shows are being tested, a well-known rock number is pulsating. The woman wants to protest, but suddenly finds herself as a piece in the game Star of Africa . She jumps from field to field, collecting diamonds and crashing towards the exit, but is detained by mistake in a Libyan refugee camp. Here she comes under interrogation and is convicted, but does not understand why or in what. She manages to escape, but when she returns to Denmark, her home has disappeared. The only thing left is a maze without windows and doors. There is a knock on the door. But there is no door. And yet it knocks. Banks and banks. Higher and higher…

Who is it that banks is the third and final performance in the trilogy A nation’s self-hatred – Denmark between shame and self-overestimation.

TICKETS 9.-21.11. HERE


Now we must finally play our performance WHO IS THE BANK – the last part of the trilogy about the Danes’ self-understanding through three hundred years.

And we look forward to seeing you! Due to the circumstances, we have reduced the number of spectators to 50 – so it will be an exclusive experience!

Because it is extremely important to us that you have a safe experience when you visit us.

We have a large foyer and there is a large outdoor area in front of the Experimental Station, weather permitting.

And we take care of that

  • Sprinkling on arrival and after performance
  • Distance markings at bar, cloakroom and toilets
  • The audience is closed into smaller groups
  • Distance between the audience in the hall
  • Regular cleaning
  • We keep an eye out that there are never too many guests gathered in one place.
    But everyone should help each other to have a good visit. Be patient. Be considerate. Pay attention to each other – and remember bandages.

Here are answers to some of the questions you might have HERE



AND AT FALKONERGÅRDENS GYMNASIUM 23. NOV 2020 kl. 13 AND 24.11. KL. 10 AND KL. 13.30 (24.11. SOLD OUT)

Events at the Experimental Station before the performance:

Friday 13.11. at 12: 30-13: 15 and at 18: 30-19: 15
Denmark between shame and self-overestimation; a historical scratch
Conversation between instructor Lotte Faarup and associate professor of International Studies Lars Jensen

Among other things, the conversation will shed light on what the migrant crisis in 2015 meant and continues to mean. The migrant crisis can, for example, be used to draw threads back to our past as a colonial power and to the 19th century’s patriotic narrative of the nation state, where the narrative of Danish identity and homeland is cultivated. The conversation will be about the past, present and future, unequal distributions of goods, and what it means to be Danish today.

The theatrical performance WHO IS THAT BANKS takes place in the present in a fictional Denmark Collection, where themes such as inequality and Danishness come under loving and critical treatment.

45-minute conversation between Lars Jensen (RUC) and director Lotte Faarup before the performance with the possibility of questions. Book seats as a free purchase when you order tickets at www.teater tickets.dk

Wednesday 11.11. at 18: 45-19: 15 and Tuesday 17.11. at 18: 45-19: 15
The story behind WHO IS THE BANK
Introduction by playwright and director Lotte Faarup

WHO IS BANK is the third part of the Olske Orchestra’s trilogy “A nation’s self-hatred – Denmark between shame and self-esteem”. Where with the first performance SUKKER we focused on Danish slave trade, and with SALT in 19th century Denmark with national romantic golden age culture and violent social contrasts, we have in WHO IS THE BANKING focus on what the migrant crisis in 2015 meant and means for our self-perception Today. This has required research in newspapers and archives, and not least a journey to the outer edge of the country, namely the border crossings at the South Jutland border with Germany.

Denmark is not a separate part of the world that has just been lucky and done well. Denmark is a rich country with a staged border. Denmark is due to i.a. war, trade and tax policies directly involved in the cause of many people’s escape and directly responsible for their treatment in i.a. the Libyan prisons. But you can not see that at the southern Jutland border. Here we just see the illusion of an idyllic, national construction, which kindly and legally restricts immigration in Denmark.

30-minute introduction by director Lotte Faarup before the performance with the possibility of questions. Book seats as a free purchase when you order tickets at www.teater tickets.dk

Chronicle on global inequality and Danish colonialism

written by Lotte Faarup, playwright and director

published in Det Postomdelte, trade magazine for the Association

by Danish stage directors

The experimental station and Falkonergårdens Gymnasium

Press release

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Game dates and times
9 – 21 November 2020 The experimental station

Tue – Fri at 19:30

Sat at 4 p.m.

fri 13.11. at 11

23. – 24 November 2020 Falkonergårdens Gymnasium

*23.11. at 13:30

* 24.11. at 10 and 13 (sold out)

School performances incl. workshop can be arranged on selected mornings.
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Single sale 125 kr.

Young 60 kr.

Group (min 10) 85 kr.

Group young (min 6) SEK 40.

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Phone (+45) 7020 2096


The experimental station , Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 Copenhagen. V.

From 12 years

Concept: The Olske Orchestra

Cast: Ditte Laumann, Mireia Serra, Angelina Kirchhoff, Sofie Ebbesen Nielsen, Morten Klode, Øyvind Kirchhoff, Jens Bäckwall

Playwright and director: Lotte Faarup

Lighting designer and set designer : Jeppe Lawaetz

Costume designer: Signe Beckmann

Sound: Jonas Jørgensen

Tour manager and technician: Søren Kyed

Project management: Charlotte Rindom

PR and communication employee: Lise Aagaard Knudsen


The work is supported by: Statens Kunstfonds project support committee for Performing Arts, Bikubenfonden, Knud Højgaard’s Foundation, Danish Actors’ Association’s production support funds, Beckett Foundation, Consul George Jorck and wife Emma Jorck’s Foundation, Attorney General L. Zeuthens Memorial Scholarship, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Frederiksberg Foundation, Frederiksberg commune

Price for evening performances

DKK 30,000 / max 100 spectators

The performance is under the Guarantee Scheme


Price for school performances:

16,000 DKK / max 100 spectators

The performance is included in the reimbursement scheme


About 90 minutes

The venue’s goals incl. Audience:

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11 m wide, 16 m long and 4 m free ceiling height (in 8 m width)