The automotive man

– a comedy about losing life

The world is changing.
The distance between our bodies becomes greater and life is understood through screens.
The tactile I am in dissolution.

Slowly we get used to it. Relationships without physical contact. Without bodily consequence. We stare at a screen and say we are in contact with other people. We talk to the screen, walk with the screen, eat and toast with the screen. At the same time, our neck grows firmly in a forward-bent direction, our fingertips wear against buttons, our eyes are sent flickering around in a sea of light of interruptions.

In the performance “The Automotive Man”, we follow a lonely man from a digitalized world, who turns the time back to the 60s, to a time of postmen, landlines and thick books in an attempt to re-establish contact with his social abilities and his body’s material need. But something has been lost. He looks out of the letterbox for hours, picks up the phone and listens every other moment; only to be more and more disappointed… Will he never again succeed in making contact with his original self? As he repeatedly tries, he is plagued by restless digital abstinences and longing for the automated robotized present he has left…

Today we are in the middle of a high-tech world. The fear of playing God has been overcome and we are approaching a kind of “reverse Pinocchio”: It is no longer about what it takes to become human, but what it takes to become a machine . Robots are part of our reality as helpers inside and outside our body; they are humanized and become a kind of role model for how we should treat each other.

“The Driverless Man” is a tragicomic, nonverbal slapstick performance – a duet with actor and miner Øyvind Kirchhoff in the lead role. It is based on 6 years of basic research based on Edward Gordon Craig’s ideas about the “Übermarionetten”; the ideal actor devoid of needs and initiatives – governed solely by outside dictation.


Research for The automotive man

PLAYED AT THEATER CATAPULT 18 - 20 May. 2021 KL. 19:30

EXPERIMENTAL STATION 3 - 4 JUNE. 2021 KL. 14 and KL. 17



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The Olske Orchestra

Co-production with
Catapult Theater

Øyvind Kirchhoff

Playwright and director
Lotte Faarup

Lighting design, workshop and special effects
Jon Gelting

Sound design
Jonas Jørgensen

Rolf Søborg Hansen

Rolf Søborg Hansen

Production manager and engineering
Søren Kyed


1.11. – 18.12. 2021 og 1.3. – 30.4. 2022

20.000 kr. aftenforestillinger

12.000 kr. skoleforestillinger

ca. 70 minutter

14 år +

Spillelokalets mål ekskl. publikum
Min. 9 m bredt, 6 m langt og 3,5 m fri loftshøjde. Spillelokalet skal kunne mørklægges

380 V, 3 X 16 A, samt stik m. 220 V