It’s theater at its very best. That’s exactly what the small theaters can do – have fun and entertain us with very current and thought-provoking questions.

“I’m entertained from start to finish.”



Katrien van der Velden is a crazy performer. In her role as the petrified and remote-controlled woman, she demonstrates and challenges both what the body can and what it is able to express. I still sit back doubting if she really is human or if it is electricity running through her veins.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘Nightingale’, the Olske Orkester has committed a fine and analogously astute narrative about man and machine in the age of digitalisation. It is different puppet theater for adults and large children.

Everything goes up in a stage art quite beautiful association in Lotte Faarup’s clear instruction, where both performers, light and sound manage to make a big impression with small means. ”

“Great theater art, simply.”

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