What are your guidelines for coronavirus?
We follow the requirements and recommendations of the health authorities at all times. Hand alcohol has been set up in the audience areas and distance markings and extra cleaning have been provided. We also make distance in the hall itself between the seats, so you are sure to only sit close to your companions.

What happens if you have to cancel a show or event due to coronavirus?
If, on the basis of the authorities’ recommendations, we are forced to cancel a performance, you can get your ticket refunded or have it exchanged for another performance. Should it happen that we have to cancel, you will be contacted by Billetten A / S.

Can I get my ticket refunded if I fall ill with coronavirus?
You can basically not get your ticket refunded if you become ill. As far as possible, however, we gladly switch to another playing day at the same show or another show.

What do I do if I want to see the show but am afraid of contagion?
We follow the requirements and recommendations of the health authorities and encourage you to do the same to avoid infection.

Do I have to wear a mask when I go to the theater?
It is not a requirement, but if you feel most comfortable with the mask, feel free to wear it.

Can I go to the theater if I am in a special risk group?
We encourage you to follow the recommendations of the health authorities and assess what
that is best for you. We do everything we can and take all necessary measures.

How do you ensure that there are no queues at the bar, the cloakroom and the toilets?
There will be distance markings at the bar, cloakroom and toilets. There will be
staff who guide the audience on arrival and departure from the Experimental Station.