The last excursion

– a poetic travelling performance about saying goodbye

The performance The Last Excursion is about farewells. We follow the elderly man Hans and his helper on a last excursion through the city. We pass streets, roads, squares, traffic lights, pavements that Hans has walked on during his life; places that have been important to him. We stop at stops, viewpoints and cafes where he met people he got to know and people who left him longing. We see his life in everyday spaces, hills of adversity, corners with touches of happiness. And as we walk, time passes,
decay sets
in and a farewell is approaching.
This poetic travelling performance builds on the Olske Orchester’s long-standing basic research with the ‘Übermarionetten’ as well as experiences from the site-specific night walk “Escape”. Lotte Faarup directs,
Rolf Søborg Hansen designs objects and Jonas Jørgensen does sound design. Performer Øyvind Kirchhoff is a caring nurse for an old man in the form of a human-sized doll placed in a wheelchair.
With associations to Haneke’s film “Amour” and Dan Turèll’s “Through the City the Last Time”, we go on one last excursion with two different characters who, for a moment, look very much alike…

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An outdoor walking performance
An urban environment, preferably with access to public transport, green spaces, a café and an indoor meeting place for the public.
Preparation time:
6 hours
Playing times:
All are possible
approx. 2½ hours

Age group:
Everyone, but seen by everyone from 10 years and up.
Audience size:
20 people per performance
Additional requirements:
Preferably a helper from the organisation to go with, who can be put into the concept in a few hours.
Extra info:
Cancellation in case of strong winds and heavy rain. We recommend the audience to wear good footwear and warm clothes (according to the weather). (we may have rain gear for
audience.) Food and drink will be served and toilets will be available. The performance is not suitable for people with walking difficulties, but can be accompanied.
Wheelchair users (max. 1 per performance).

Thursday d. 15 June ’23 at 16 from the Experimental Station
Tour period
15 April – 15 October.
10.000 kr. + VAT