The last excursion

– a poetic traveling performance about love and goodbyes

The Last Excursion is a site-specific walking performance with an old man in a wheelchair and his caregiver, about a man’s farewell to places in his city that had an impact on his life. What makes it special is that it’s played by an actor and a human-sized puppet, and – it’s set in your city with visits to familiar and unfamiliar locations.
With an exclusive team of 20 people, we follow Hans and his caregiver to his childhood home, his father’s tavern, the house the Gestapo evacuated during the war, the soccer field where he got so many scratches, the garden where he met the city’s famous poet, the beautiful tree where he met his wife…
Along the way, there is time for fruit and cake, coffee and cognac; time for conversations, reading your favorite poem – time to think an existential thought with Hans…

M. Svennevig: “The Last Excursion is one of the warmest and most beautiful things you can experience these days, it’s theater after my own heart.”

Anne Liisberg, Iscene: “… succeeds in creating a human presence that opens a reflective, existential space.”
Anne Middelboe, Information: ” … eminent mystical theater. Teatret Det Olske Orkester has created a seductive form of puppet theater… So infectiously strong that the love spreads”


This poetic travelling performance builds on the Olske Orchester’s long-standing basic research with the ‘Übermarionetten’ as well as experiences from the site-specific night walk “Escape”. Lotte Faarup directs,
Rolf Søborg Hansen designs objects and Jonas Jørgensen does sound design. Performer Øyvind Kirchhoff is a caring nurse for an old man in the form of a human-sized doll placed in a wheelchair.
With associations to Haneke’s film “Amour” and Dan Turèll’s “Through the City the Last Time”, we go on one last excursion with two different characters who, for a moment, look very much alike…

"The last excursion"

Quotes from reviews

Anne Middelboe

” … eminent mystical theater. Teatret Det Olske Orkester has created a seductive form of puppet theater… So infectiously strong that the love spreads”

Anne Liisberg

“… succeeds in creating a human presence that opens up a reflective, existential space.”

M. Svennevig
Michael Svennevig blog

“The last excursion is one of the warmest and most beautiful things going on right now. It’s theater after my own heart.”

Tour info 24 /25


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The Olske Orchestra
Actor and puppeteer:
Øyvind Kirchhoff
Director and playwright:
Lotte Faarup:
Rolf Søborg Hansen
Sound design:
Jonas Jørgensen
PR & dissemination:
Art Attack
Admin. and sales:
Charlotte Rindom (tel: 25373083)



Danish Actors’ Association
Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation
Frederiksberg Foundation
Knud Højgaard Foundation
Beckett Fund
Copenhagen Municipality’s Performing Arts Committee
Danish Arts Foundation, Project Support Committee for Performing Arts

Duration of the performance:
approx. 2 hours
Number of spectators
Age group:
Targeted at 14 years and up
Route requirements:
Indoor place for gathering the public, urban environment, viewpoint, park areas, possibly a garden by a closed house.
Preparation time:
The theater prepares the performance (gathering local information, planning the route, etc.
Other requirements:
The organizer sends special information to all audience members before the performance and provides a
indoor pick-up point available with wardrobe facilities for actors.
Extra info:
The theater plays max. one performance per day. The performance lasts approximately 2 hours. The performance can
play within the time period: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. The performance is not suitable for people with walking difficulties.
The audience is advised to dress appropriately. weather and wear good footwear. Cancellation will be made in case of
high winds and rain. A drink and a snack will be served along the way.

June 15, ’23
Tour period:
1.8. – to October 15, ’24
April 15 to June 30, ’25

12,500 kr. + VAT, at least 4 performances in the same city – total 50.000 kr

The performance concept (the caregiver walking with the elderly man in a wheelchair) can also play
as an improvisation over a 3-hour period where the two characters interact with the street
people; in the urban environment, in public transportation, in parks, etc.
Preparation time of 3 hours before the performance. The price in this case is DKK 9000 per performance.